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Thrifting use to come with a huge negative connotation. It used to be thought of as something for poor people and weirdos. Fast forward to 2020, people’s finances have changed, the economy has tanked, fashion has evolved and the past is quickly repeating itself. With all of these changes, thrifting has attracted a fan base of people ranging in all ages and from all walks of life! Phuck Yo Retail is a compilation of real thrift secrets, tips and stories from the incomparable NeShanta Davis. With more than 25 years of thrifting experience, this book consists of everything from: items you should never thrift, how to set a thrift budget, how to care for your thrifted items, how to create a thrift wish list and more. NeShanta provides the foundation for her readers to navigate through the thrift lifestyle, and endure any trials and hiccups that may occur along the way.