Founded in 2019 by owner NeShanta Davis, Dope Without Labels was created to make it easy for you to be fly without breaking the bank. Everyone deserves to be dope and have unshakeable style esteem no matter their economic status. Whether you are a trendsetter, goal digger, the life of the party, the boho babe, or a fashion influencer, Dope Without Labels is here to assist you in cultivating a wardrobe that consist of fly pieces without the luxury price tag. Our clients are on the cusp of what’s hawt, they are unapologetically dope, fashion forward and in control of their own style.


I’m NeShanta “StyleIsShe” Davis. “I’m just a soul whose intentions are good.. oh Lord please don’t let me be misunderstood.” I’m a multi creative who has been able to successfully turn my love of fashion into a flourishing career that has span over the last 10 years. I hold a BA in Fashion Marketing and have spent countless hours studying and redefining my craft to better service you.

Born and raised in Memphis Tn. I’m the product of a single mother who worked several jobs just to maintain. It was our lack of money that forced me to tap into my creative side. The funds weren’t always available for me to wear labels like the other kids. So rather than look like an outcast for not having the name brands, I created things that were so beautiful and unique that people forgot it wasn’t the latest trends. As an only child I was often left alone while my mom worked which gave me ample time to play dress up in her closet. To be honest, that time alone is what I attribute to many of my skills and creative talents. By the time I was in the 7th grade I had already gotten my first thrift high! My first thrifted piece was a vintage plaid jacket. I wore it to school and received so many compliments. That was it…. I was hooked! I’ve been a diehard thrifter ever since. Taking my more than 20 years of thrifting experience and my ability to look fly on a budget, I created Dope Without Labels. 

I was forced by my mother to enlist in the military after graduation. This decision derailed me from my dreams of working in the fashion industry. I spent 10 years in the Air Force waking up every single day living someone else’s dream.  The more my creativity was stifled with regulations and rules about what I could and couldn’t wear, the more I grew to resent my life in the Air Force Sergeant. It was that frustration that led me to separate from the military to follow my dreams. “So I loaded up the truck and I moved to Beverly Atlanta.” Being a creative hasn’t been an easy career path but what it has been is rewarding. Waking up every day loving what you do is the true feeling of freedom. I enjoy creating fashion moments for people that leaves them with an unshakeable feeling of style esteem.. My desire is to change the world one outfit at a time!